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What is Mummification and how is it incorporated during water bondage?

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Mummification is an unusual and intriguing form of bondage, one of the few that combines the physical and mental aspects of bondage into one. The practice involves completely wrapping the submissive in material, usually medical-grade plastic wrap or a cling-able fabric such as spandex, with the aim of completely immobilizing the person and making them feel as if they’re being ‘shrunk’ down to a fraction of their normal size. While this type of bondage can be done without utilizing water, doing so helps to intensify the feeling of constriction and tightness that can be achieved by fully mummifying the submissive.

water bondage is the use of water to add a heightened sense of sensation to an experience of bondage. As the name implies, water is often a key factor in this type of activity, and can involve either the submissive or the dominant for a given session, depending on the dynamic of the couple. This type of BDSM play is also known as ‘water sports’ and can take many forms. In general, it involves using water to either apply pressure or to enhance sensation when indulging in bondage or spanking activities, often with the aim of increasing the intensity of the experience.

So how does mummification incorporate water bondage?

Well, the idea of incorporating water into mummification is to increase the amount of constriction possible by way of using the additional pressure. Normally, when using mummification, the material used to wrap the submissive is rather tight, so adding water to the mix helps to intensify the level of pressure one experiences while being mummified. It also makes it much more difficult for the submissive to wiggle or squirm around, as the water further helps to secure them in place.

In water bondage mummification, the dominant usually begins by coating the submissive with a thin layer of water or a water-based lubricant. After they have been sufficiently coated, they are then fully wrapped up in material such as cling-able fabric, medical-grade plastic wrap, or spandex. The aim is to completely wrap the person up and secure them so that there are no gaps or areas of the body that are exposed or unwrapped. Once this is done, the dominant will then slowly add water to the exterior of the material, using a hose, to add additional pressure and constriction to the area. This, when done correctly, helps to create a silky-smooth outer layer while adding an element of pressure that won’t be found in traditional mummification techniques.

Doing water mummification can be an incredibly intense experience, and some like to take advantage of the sensation of water against the submissive’s body by incorporating a rubber dildo or toy into the experience. The added pressure can also make it difficult to move, so it can be a great way for the dominant to enhance a feeling of total surrender and vulnerability in the submissive, all without causing any permanent damage.

Mummification in combination with water bondage can produce an incredible mental and physical experience, and can add an extra layer of intensity to any bondage session. It’s important to remember, however, that safety and common sense should always prevail when engaging in any type of bondage, so make sure to research and practice all the necessary skills and safety protocols before attempting any kind of water mummification. Visit Them.

What role has femdom farting played through the ages?

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femdom farting, while not always discussed in polite company, is a historically significant form of expression. It can be seen as a fascinating perplexity of early empirical and historical importance, intertwined with codes of social conduct and etiquette.

When looking into the origins of femdom farting, perhaps the most well-known reference comes from Ancient Greek mythology. It is said that the god Priapus—whom many followers revered for his voluptuousness—was commissioned to protect his gardens by passing a potent wind through them. As it was feared that the unwelcome visitors could be scared away by such a powerful burst, many a lord of the manor in their ancient time found it quite convenient to ask Priapus to carry out this function. It is speculated then that the concept of a ‘femdom fart’ was born due to this original scent-filled myth.

Femdom farting is seen in many ancient cultures as well. In ancient Rome, for instance, it is thought that the practice was used to communicate messages of warning or displeasure. Similarly, for the Chinese, Indian, and Sanskrit-speaking peoples, it was believed that farting was a form of release for the soul. In addition to cultural symbolism, a variety of medical treatments have also been documented as stemming from a femdom farting ritual.

Throughout the years, femdom farting has become increasingly popular. Many modern dominatrix and submissive roles can be viewed through this lens. In the practice of BDSM, a domme may fart upon a sub to display power or dominance. The submissive is then obligated to react to the lack of ‘polite’ boundaries set by the domme. There are several fetish sites and other similar outlets dedicated to providing resources for recognizing and celebrating Female Dominated Farting (FDF).

At the end of the day, femdom farting, while potentially embarrassing for some, is a significant part of the historical context of many ancient and modern cultures. Not only is it an important part of many traditional social rituals, but it also has a wide variety of medical benefits. While it is still often frowned upon in polite society, we can only appreciate this act for the many layers of symbolism, taboo, and power that it holds.


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