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What is a psychological approach to being a Real Dominatrix?

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A psychological approach to being a Real Dominatrix involves a strong set of social and psychological skills which require the development of an understanding of the human mind. The Real Dominatrix engages in intimate, psychological exploration with their partner while encouraging them to explore their boundaries, inhibitions and fantasies. By understanding the dynamics of the relationship between the Dom and the submissive, the Dom is able to create a safe and satisfying environment for play and exploration.

To create this safe and satisfying environment, the Dominatrix must embark on a journey of self-exploration to discover their own personal power and confidence. This journey begins with understanding: what turns you on? What interests you? What are your boundaries? What do you enjoy? Once these questions have been answered, the Dom must be prepared to apply their psychological knowledge of the sub to control them physically and emotionally.

Being a Dom also involves understanding the psychological needs of the sub. This means not only understanding their motivations and desires, but also being able to handle their emotional and psychological issues. Communication is essential here; the Dom must be able to listen to the sub and guide them through a safe and consensual experience. Many Doms enjoy engaging in psychological play with their sub, using manipulation and coercion to stimulate them both mentally and physically. All interactions should be done carefully and with the goal of helping the sub achieve a state of psychological and physical pleasure.

The psychological aspect of being a Dominatrix is not limited to the relationship dynamic. Many Doms rely upon their knowledge of psychology to develop their individual style and attitude as a Dom. This requires taking into account the sociological and psychological forces that are in play in any environment, such as cultural norms, gender norms, and attitudes towards BDSM. By utilizing their understanding of the psychology of their chosen Dom role, a Dom can express who they are in a safe and mature manner, while at the same time providing their partner with an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Finally, a Dom must be aware that even within a consensual and safe environment, there are risks that cannot be ignored. Psychological problems can come about as the result of exploration gone wrong, so it is important for a Dom to stay informed about the state of their sub’s mental health and to be prepared to end an interaction should any signs of distress or harm become apparent. A Dom must take care of their sub, and should be sure to treat them with respect, kindness, and understanding in order to provide the safest, most fulfilling experience possible.

In conclusion, a psychological approach to being a Real Dominatrix requires the development of an understanding of the human mind, as well as an understanding of the needs and motivations of both the Dom and sub. By engaging in psychological exploration and applying communication and manipulation techniques, a Dom can guide their sub on a journey of exploration and discovery. Ultimately, a Dom must be able to create a safe and consensual environment by understanding both their own desires and that of their partner, as well as being aware of the risks that exist when engaging in BDSM play. Original Content.

What type of equipment is needed for Femdom Feet Worship?

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Feet worship is an increasingly popular kink and fetish that many people are exploring. Femdom Feet Worship is particularly intriguing, as it is a type of dominatrix fetish where practitioners enjoy worshipping the feet of a powerful, confident woman. As with all kinks and fetishes, Femdom Feet Worship requires specialized equipment to ensure the session is pleasurable and safe.

Essential equipment for Femdom Feet Worship includes a footstool or similar surface designed for relaxing and comfortably positioning the Femdom’s feet. Preferably, the tools should be adjustable to allow for different angles and positions of the feet. A special Femdom footstool designed specifically for foot worship can easily be purchased online. Additionally, special elevation components are needed to add to comfort and adjustability. For example, cushions, pieces of foam, or even wooden blocks can be used to ensure the Femdom’s feet are level and well-supported.

In addition to a footstool, Femdom Feet Worship sessions will need specific items to clean, massage, and pleasure the feet. Soft, supple towels and sponges – as well as hypoallergenic soap or bubble bath – can be used for gentle cleaning. Pumice stones are also recommended for exfoliating and invigorating the feet. For massaging, various lotions and oils should be at the ready. A warmed stone or electric hot stone massage tool can also be incorporated for enhanced pleasure and relaxation.

Finally, no Femdom Feet Worship session would be complete without items that allow practitioners to express their dedication. Foot jewelry items such as anklets, toe rings, or precious stones are favored for adorning the Femdom’s feet. As an extra special touch, flowers and a bottle of Champagne can be set out for worship.

In summary, Femdom Feet Worship requires a combination of adjustable and supportive tools, cleaning and massage items, and adornments, to ensure the session is enjoyable and safe for everyone involved in the kink.


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